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Welcome to

Kimchi Culture is a family run company dedicated to the cultural values and practices of Kimchi Making.

Our commitment goes beyond the commercial goals of delivering quality Kimchi to our customers.​

We hope to create a community of Kimchi lovers who will participate and share in a new paradigm of Kimchi Culture by exploring new kimchi recipes, science of fermentation, and ways to care for each other as our Korean ancestors have tried to do so in the past.  ​

What is KIMCHI?
Kimchi is a fermented vegetable food that is served as basic and essential part of every Korean meal.
Kimchi can be made with any fresh vegetables, but the probiotic benefit from fermentation is best optimized with Napa cabbage Kimchi. Napa cabbage seems to sustain fermentation most effectively for a long period of time. This is an important fact to consider because probiotics are produced as long as fermentation is active. Winter Napa cabbage Kimchi can last as long as 6 months to even one year if preserved properly.

Whole Cabbage Kimchi by Kimchi Culture, Inc.


Because we know and understand 
the science and craftmanship of Kimchi.
One of the reasons why Kimchi is considered as superfood is because of its alkalinity. You can find the benefits of alkaline food on our Health page, but the importance of alkaline diet for your health can never be emphasized enough. Here is an important fact. Ingredients used for Kimchi are high in alkalinity to begin with, but alkalinity in Kimchi is formed through optimal fermentation. If a Kimchi maker does not understand the principle and the science of Kimchi, it cannot produce Kimchi as it was originally designed.

Proper fermentation for Napa Cabbage in particular requires careful washing and salting process. Spice adds taste, but successful fermentation is determined by complex salting, washing, draining process. ​This not only decides the success of probiotic activity but also taste. The special effervescent taste is produced as a result of probiotic activity. When fermenting or probiotic activity stops, then Kimchi starts the process of decaying and it will not taste pleasant.
​Kimchi Culture experimented with various Kimchi-making practices in different regions in Korea and studied many scholarly articles about Kimchi fermentation to present
our Kimchi Products confidently.
Our Kimchi-Making is Handcrafted.
"Food is Medicine."
There is a Korean proverb that says,
"Food is medicine."

​Food is like a living organism that transfers
not only the nutritional values but
carries the message of love and care
of those who make it.

​Perhaps this is the reason why we crave for
the comfort of homemade food prepared by
our loved ones in times of need.

​We are mindful of the emotional and
spiritual value that​ food carries and
we make our food with lots of care and blessings.